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Who are we?

The WinS Network is a global inter-agency network aiming to harmonize efforts and promote alignment among development partners and NGOs supporting MoE to improve WinS services.

Everyone can engage in the WinS Network, from governmental institutions, development agencies, United Nations, non- governmental organisations, research institutes, academia, to development banks, philanthropists, private sector, civil societies and donors.

The network is currently coordinated by representatives from UNICEF, GIZ, WaterAid, Save the Children, the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP), London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Emory University.


Vision and misSion

What is our vision?

All schools have access to basic drinking water, basic sanitation, and basic hygiene services as defined in the Sustainable Development Goals , and additional services that consider the local context and needs of all students.

What is our mission?

To foster a global community of practice on WinS to harmonise strategies for supporting governments around the world to plan, finance, implement and monitor integrated, inclusive and sustainable WinS programmes.


How do we plan to achieve this?

We focus on the following work streams:

  • Multi-level advocacy, policy support, and system strengthening for WinS
  • Improving WinS monitoring and reporting, and supporting alignment with SDG core indicators
  • Research to strengthen evidence on WinS programming
  • Ensuring mainstreaming of gender, inclusion and equity principles, including Menstrual Hygiene and Health (MHH) strategies
  • Developing and reviewing guidance on WinS programming
  • Knowledge management, capacity development, learning and exchange on WinS


How to engage?

You can visit our Contact page to be guided on how to get engaged as an individual or as an organization.

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