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The International Learning Exchange (ILE) has been used for a decade to create WASH in Schools (WinS) momentum and foster political commitment in South Asia, South-East Asia, and Pacific regions. 

The yearly gathering inspires actions through technical, formal, and informal exchanges and field visits. A recent UNICEF evaluation in 2023 of the ILE found that it lays the foundation for political commitment and enhances the environment for WinS. Furthermore, the ILE‘s relevance is evident by the continued interest of ministries of education in participating and sharing their accomplishments and challenges, thereby creating a positive momentum towards WinS.

The webinar shared the results from the 2023 UNICEF evaluation of the ILE, as well as country examples from both Africa and Asia in how it can lay the foundations for political commitment and what steps delegations can take before, during and following the ILE to get the most out of it. 

You may check the recording of the webinar through the link on the right.

  • Thu, 18 Apr, 2024
  • Online
Webinar Recording
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